The kitchen garden

IMG_0153Along with cooking my food and trying to get into baking with debatable results I also have a large garden by London standards at 5m wide an 20m long  and one o the reasons I took this flat was the size of the amazing south facing garden which I now realise is bigger task than I anticipated. I used to keep an allotment where I’d grow my own food, but it seemed so handy just being able to harvest and then cook food within seconds of collecting what I feel like eating.

The flat is in a conservation area so anything I do has to sit with the local powers that be or they’ll just tell me to undo everything and start again, as they did with my wall which had to be built in a certain London mixed stock brick which I could only get from the reclaim yard at a price that made my eyes water.

It’s also taken 18 months of negotiation with my local borough to get permission to take out nine trees from the rear of the property with the understanding that I plant more trees in replacement. Hopefully before the new year the arborist will arrive and  do the business. The space problem with London living makes moving the felled trees out of the garden a bit of a problem with all the waste material coming through the flat so to reduce the amount of traffic and mess I’ll be using the trunk of the trees in the garden to create raised beds for my veggies. The trees I’ll plant will be quince because it makes a killer preserve to have with game and apple or two and a pear. I also be putting in a fig tree which will more than pay for itself in fruit if I shower it with love.

The aim is to have seasonal organic food literally on my doorstep. I want rainbow carrot in any colour but orange, beetroots in optional colours other than the deep blood red, I also want celeriac which is an awesome food that people in the UK just don’t eat enough of but I love.

This section of the blog will be exclusively dedicated to the development of my kitchen garden.


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