The first go at clearing the gardenRecently I moved into a lovely little flat in South London, the kitchen is compact to say the least at 3 meters long by 1.7 meters wide but then again this is London and as a country we build some of the smallest living spaces in western world.

The big bonus of this tiny little garden flat is the massive 5m by 20m garden which I fully intend to take advantage of it south facing aspect and grow my own organic food.

Of course when I say garden what I mean is uncared for scrub with poor eroded soil, Japanese knotweed, and pretty much every invasive persistent weed you can imagine so it’s going to be a long hard slog to get to where I need to be in having a space that good for social use but my priority is getting the veggie garden going.

Now I’m not a gardening novice, I’ve been doing it for a few years but not with the focus of producing food but more containing nature and mowing lawns, to me this is gardening at its most honest growing your own food without chemicals, working with nature to make the investment in my garden pay off  by having the space feed me as much as possible.

I dare say I’ll make more than a few mistakes along the way but that only means I’m learning something new.

Now that you’ve this blog I hope you stick around and if you have a garden and some tips please don’t stay quiet.


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