Winter Squash

Squash SeedsI suppose I’m a few weeks late in getting my winter squash and courgettes started but I finally got round to sowing the seeds in pots, well not so much pots as old take away coffee cups, I had sown twelve cups but I bartered four cups  today with the chap that owns the corner shop which was a total deal and considering I’d seen people on telly doing this but never thought it would happen in the real world

Now I didn’t just jolly up and say “hey swap us some goodies for some cups with compost and a couple of seeds in”.  He asked me for advice on his garden and offered him free plants without thinking about asking for anything in return but I walked away with a selection of  Green & Blacks chocolate which I don’t sit and eat but I save it for a proper grown up hot chocolate and after all of the work I’ve been doing sitting on the sofa, knowing it’s going to rain tomorrow and I have a day off writing this the creamy hot chocolatey goodness tastes even better.

So, my squashes are ‘Sweet Dumpling’, ‘Rolet’ and ‘Turks Turban’, with a basic non fancy F1 Courgette. In the first growing year I just plopped the seed in drills and left them to there own devices and I still managed to crop even though I left them to spread out over hay covered ground. This year I’m going to try and grow them up right on supports, which is something that I’ve seen done but no idea if I can do it so I’m sort of thinking that there’s a good chance that I might end up buying my squashes, but if Monty Don can do it I’ll give it a go.

Of course I’m not ready to plant anything out yet I need to make some more beds for them and get them prepared and given that I’ve just sown the seed I think I might have four weeks to get my act together. The soil is just as terrible as it is everywhere in the garden so I’ll be buying in both topsoil, rotted manure, and compost until I get to the point where I’m producing my own.

For me there’s nothing quite like a thick warming soup made with these squashes and as my supermarket only really sells ‘Butternut’ these home grown squashes are a much richer flavour. I’m looking forward to them already. I wonder where I can get some chestnut supports from


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