Never buy pots again!

Pots from Caffe Nero cups

Pots from Caffe Nero cups

Walk down any street and you’ll see a plethora of coffee shops  and in my opinion there’s very little in this world that can’t be helped with a nice piping hot cup of coffee and depending on your taste and budget there’s a coffee for everyone.

Being on the go I always buy my coffee ‘to go’ and I always get my coffee from Caffe Nero as their standard bean has a much more complex flavour in comparison to the cheap tax dodging Weak American rubbish sold in Starbucks. Caffe Nero have always paid their taxes to my knowledge which is another to support the chain.

Why am I talking about coffee?

Because those take out cups that generally end up in the bin actually make the perfect pots and because you can buy your coffee in three different sizes at Caffe Nero it’s possible over the year to have a handy stash of coffee pots to start you seeds off in. Now the cups do have a film lining to them so they may not fully degrade into your soil so the seedlings would have to be taken out of the cup to plant in the veggie beds with the used cup eventually going in to the re-cycling collection but it means that I’m not buying plastic pots from the garden centre.

Gardening need not be expensive, in fact my view is that gardening should be thrifty. It’s all well and good to have that wonderful pristine space where the gardener tries her best to constrain nature fighting that endless battle for the perfect lawn and trimmed hedges but if you’re growing food and the space will be used daily and not just a few times over summer as a social space then unless you’re exceptionally careful your garden will age and at certain times of the year it will look barren and untidy but during the growing months your thrifty kitchen garden will more than pay for itself and the more you keep the overheads down the cheaper the food you grow will be cheaper for you to eat.

The tubes from your loo rolls also make the perfect seed starter pots with the added bonus that they will fully degrade over the year into your soil causing no damage to the structure and putting less to landfill. We through so much into general trash that could composted and added back into your soil that really once started you might not have to spend money on compost again, which again would in effect lower the cost of the food you grow.




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