Dark chocolate and bloody orange cupcakes.

IMG_0201I’ve been really good lately . I’ve never had a high sugar intake. I don’t fall for that impulse buy at the till or the buy one get one free feature end that always seems to be stacked with crap. Next time you go shopping imagine the shelves are split into the three horizontal sections. Anything in the middle band, they want you to buy. We all know they use words like shopability, it’s someone’s job to encourage you to part with your cash.

The only real intake of refined sugar I have are cakes and that means not baking but today a friend was coming round and as I knew he was coming I thought why not. For a first attempt made with stuff that i had in the kitchen, they’re not and  bad and I just threw stuff in. I thought the finished thing was a little dry but the orange flavour was perfect as was the balance the chocolate.

200g Self raising flour

200g SO Organic unsalted butter

200g sugar mix. ( I have a Kilner Jar that has a mix of different sugars in to from the bottom of various bags)

100g Cocoa powder

3 Taste the Difference blood oranges, really soft ripe ones. Use the fourth in some carrot cake

1 tsp baking powder

Six large separated eggs

60 ml warm milk

Pre heat the oven to 180 degs c. It’s the standard opener really. Cream the butter and the sugar till it’s light and fluffy. Now for me this takes forever because I’d forgotten my mixer’s broken. Anyway if you’re doing it by hand don’t scrimp on this bit, it will hurt, it is a lot of effort sometimes but it’s worth it . Sift in the flour and the baking powder and mix in really well, and you can be as rough as you like, really go at you want the an even mix . Zest and squeeze the oranges, this bit smells so good and you’ll understand why these oranges are so necessary. You really can’t get this out of a bottle. Mix in the six egg yolks  and the milk so you should have a sloppy mix. The cocoa powder will really stiffen this up so firstly whisk the egg whites until they stiff. Loosely mix the cocoa powder into the other ingredients and then gently but firmly fold the stiff whites through But in to cups and bake till you think they’re done, mine where in 18 minutes but I also have a dodgy fan oven looking at the odd raise. Have you noticed how everything annoyingly always breaks at once? I didn’t have anything in to make a frosting and it was too nippy to walk to Sainsbury’s so I used the icing left over from the carrot cake to make orange splodge type things. I think they could be better and the next post will be ! but more importantly my friends like them.


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