Oxtail mess

Tonight dinner was supposed to be Osso Buco but unfortunately I couldn’t find any rose veal that was produced in Britain. During the 80s I was one of those people that protested about the transportation of veal in crates to Europe and the horrendous conditions that the animals were kept in. These days while I’m not a vegetarian I am very concerned about the welfare of the animals produced for meat and milk fed Dutch veal just doesn’t sit with me. Not only that but we have farmers in this country slaughtering animals as soon as they born because they have no value and therefore don’t deserve a life.

I will always buy British when it comes to meat, I believe that we as consumers have a duty to support out domestic farming industry they’ve been through an awful lot in the past couple of decades from blue ear in pigs to BSE in cattle and bovine TB which means constant testing of herds across the country.

With the lack in British Veal I’ve thrown some oxtails in a hot pan with some other stuff and it’s quite tasty I’ll serve it with a polenta mash.

Here’s what you need

2 sticks of celery finely chopped

1 big carrot finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic crushed

0.5Kg of Oxtails

A good pinch of salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary Cheyenne pepper

Perhaps half a tsp of allspice, nutmeg and a bay leaf.

400g carton of tomatoes

A good slug of white wine ( I ran out of red )

A splash of olive oil.

500ml Chicken stock

Here’s how,

Put a big pan on and get that olive oil hot, while it’s heating up seasons the oxtails with salt and pepper.  When the  pan is smoking hot brown the tails all over so they have that lovely toasty brown colour and take them out of the pan.

In the same pan throw in the celery, carrot, garlic rosemary, and thyme. Then the carrots start to catch a little throw in the wine and let it sizzle of a minute or two and then put the tails back in add the tomatoes and the chicken stock.

Once it gets to a vigorous boil turn it down to a simmer and leave it covered for an hour or two throw in a bay leaf , allspice, nutmeg and Cheyenne pepper and leave it until the meat falls away from the bones.

If the sauce is a little thin, you can leave the lid off the pan to let it reduce and it’s only going to taste better and if you think it tastes good now wait till you re-heat it really is robust comfort food.


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