Crepes with ricotta and berries

Takes 10 minutes

Serves 1-2

Fat berries always make it in to my basket and unless they’re in season the air miles can make me wince a little that we ship food from so far away when there are ways to extend the growing seasons in the UK. It does bother me but not enough for me to go without and given that my carbon footprint is smaller than my Koh-zee Kitchen I can live with myself.

There really isn’t a fruit I don’t like, there are some that I’m not too keen on but I’ll eat them, okay maybe not avocado but your standard berry selection of raspberries, strawberries, blue and black berries are all fair game and end up in my smoothies or with cream or just naked straight out the of  carton. In this case though breakfast involves pancakes.

Pancakes I think come in two varieties plump fluffy things which I think are traditionally American which have baking powder in them with a ticker batter and generally are more eggy. Next time I knock some up I’ll take some pictures and do a write up. That could take a while though because I much prefer the crepe style pancake.

Using a small omelette pan which helps with portion control this recipe makes six pancakes which for a light quick bite is pretty good.

What you’ll need

1 egg

140ml of milk

55g plain flour

Pinch of salt


Mixed berries.

I use a Kenwood hand blender for this and it saves on washing up you’ll only need the measuring beaker that came with the blender if you have one measure out the milk and put the beaker on some digital scales the ones I have are shown here. In the same beaker weight out the plain flour, if you’re not confident in the kitchen it might be worth weighing the flour out into a separate tub first and then adding it to the milk. Add the egg and the salt and whaz it with the hand blender until it’s lump free and lovely.

Get your berries ready, and while your pan heats up chop up your berries into chunks.

When the pan’s hot enough add a spray of oil to the pan and add a the batter. What you’re aiming for is to make a pancake that cooks quickly and isn’t too thick. Look at your beaker, and have an idea of how much one sixth of that mix is. As soon as the batter hits the pan you need to start swilling the pan around so that the mix covers the bottom and perhaps travels up the side of the pan a few millimetres.

Once you can get a fish slice under them flip it over for a couple of second and the tip it out onto a plate and repeat. While the second one cooks I assemble the berries on the first one and roll it up. Once I’ve done as many as I’d like I simple eat and enjoy with a fat dollop of ricotta.


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